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Story, Signs, and Sacred Rhythms
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Pages: 192
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This hardcover book presents a new model for youth ministry that’s relevant to the missional church and changing culture. Chris Folmsbee offers a practical approach to youth ministry that connects teens to God’s mission, leading to transformed lives.

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'Today’s teens are even more passionate about changing the world than the generation before them. They are learning just how closely their lives tie in to God’s sweeping story of redemption. And as they see how their journeys of faith are connected to an ongoing story, they are asking how to go deeper into that story. So how can we help align their passion with God’s mission so that their lives and the world can be changed?

Story, Signs, and Sacred Rhythms presents a new model for youth ministry that is relevant to the missional church and the changing culture. After challenging youth pastors around the world to consider A New Kind of Youth Ministry, Chris Folmsbee now brings a practical approach to youth ministry that will:
* offer a clear and compelling vision of a narrative-missional youth ministry
* present a theologically rich and accurate summary of God’s story and mission
* equip you with an approach to youth ministry that enables you to create, sustain, and refine environments for Christian transformation
* unpack a ministry design that’s customizable, measurable, and evaluative, allowing you to refine and change course as needed
* empower you to transform an emerging generation, resulting in teens joining God in his mission to restore the world

By exploring a narrative approach that is about God’s story, looking at the signs of God, which are God’s images and metaphors to guide our lives, and discovering the saintly cadences that provide the connection between God and mission, you’ll find concepts and ideologies of an entirely new way of thinking about and doing youth ministry.'

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Product #: 613378

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 27 Jul 2010

ISBN-10: 0310398614

ISBN-13: 9780310398615

UPC: 025986398613

Publisher: Zondervan Ebooks

Subjects: Books - Youth Ministry

Category: Ministry/Church - Adult Resources

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