Strained Relations: The Challenge of Homosexuality

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A veteran family activist, Bill Muehlenberg, has written this comprehensive and thoroughly documented volume that deals with every aspect of the homosexual debate, including lengthy chapters on homosexual marriage and adoption rights.

The book also examines the biblical and theological material on this subject, rebutting the wild theories of the theological revisionists. With over 700 footnotes, this is the most extensively researched and referenced volume on this topic available in Australia.


Part One - Social Science and Public Policy Concerns

Introduction to Part One
Chapter 1 Strategies of the Homosexual Lobby
Chapter 2 Homosexual Practices and Behaviour
Chapter 3 The Politics of AIDS
Chapter 4 How Many Homosexuals Are There?
Chapter 5 Once Homosexual, Always Homosexual?
Chapter 6 Homosexual Rights and Discrimination
Chapter 7 Judicial Activism and Homosexuality
Chapter 8 The Homosexual Agenda
Chapter 9 Homosexual Marriage
Chapter 10 Homosexual Adoption Rights
Chapter 11 Homosexuality and Children
Chapter 12 Conclusion

Part Two - Biblical and Theological Concerns

Introduction to Part Two
Chapter 1 Ten Ploys of the Revisionists
Chapter 2 Challenging the Biblical texts


Appendix One - One man's story
Appendix Two - One woman's story
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