The Act of Marriage

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This updated and expanded edition gives a fresh informative edge to an already definitive book. New sections discuss "sex after sixty" and five reasons why God created sex, all supported by the very latest findings in the fields of medicine and sociology. For engaged couples and newlyweds who want to make lovemaking a joy from the start . . . For couples who have been married for years and want to maintain the flame or rekindle the embers . . . for every husband or wife who wants to be a better lover -- here are the insights into each other's bodies, psychosexual makeup, and need for tender, unselfish affection that can help you achieve your goal. With over 2.5 million copies in print, The Act of Marriage has helped thousands of Christian couples maximize their joy in sexual union and saved countless marriages. Pastors, doctors, and psychologists alike have endorsed the frank, practical insights.

Author Information

 Beverly LaHaye
Beverly LaHaye is the best-selling author (with her husband, Tim) of The Act of Marriage and The Act of Marriage After 40, and (with Terri Blackstock) of Seasons Under Heaven and Showers in Season. She is the founder and chairwoman of Concerned Women for America ( and hosts the daily radio program Beverly LaHaye Today.
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