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The Bible Questions: Shedding Light on the World's Most Important Books

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The Bible isn't meant to be left unquestioned; it's meant to be opened and read and questioned. And everyone has questions about the Bible--from the senior pastor of the big church down the road to the guest at the hotel off the interstate.

Where did it come from? Who wrote it? Why are people so inspired by it (or fearful of it)? What does it have to do with my life?

Hal Seed takes you on a tour into and behind the Bible, so that you get to know it and the God who makes himself known in it.

Foreword by Sergio De La Mora

This Is the Bible

Part One: Primary Questions

1. Who Wrote the Bible?

2. How Is the Bible Different Than Other Books?

3. Who Decided What Went into the Bible?

4. How Accurate Can the Bible Be?

5. Did God Really Write the Bible?

Part Two: Purpose Questions

6. Does the Bible Speak to People?

7. What's the Bible's Purpose?

8. Can the Bible Make Me a Better Person?

9. What's the Central Message of the Bible?

10. What's the Bible's Story Line?

Part Three: Probing Questions

11. Why Are There So Many Translations?

12. Why Was God So Violent in the Old Testament?

13. Why Is There Only One Way to Heaven?

14. When Will Jesus Return?

15. Where Is the Trinity Found in Scripture?

Part Four: Practical Questions

16. How Do I Study the Bible?

17. How Do I Find the Meaning of the Text?

18. How Do I Apply What I Learn?

19. Where Can I Get Help with the Bible?

20. How Can I Master this Book?

Small Group Study Guide

Appendix 1: The Bible Study Process

Appendix 2: The Bible In One Verse

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Date Published: 03 Sep 2012

ISBN-10: 0830856129

ISBN-13: 9780830856121

Publisher: InterVarsity Press USA

Subjects: Academic - Biblical/Bible Studies

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