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The Church In The New Testament (Value Pack of 5 Books)

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The Church in the New Testament is a very comprehensive text book. There are some unique features in it dealing with The Church and The Kingdom, The Church in the Old Testament, The Church as the New Ethic, Church Government, Ascension Gift Ministries, Elders and Deacons, The Ministry of Women in the Bible, Church Discipline. Stewardship and the Purpose of the Church's Existence are also dealt with.

This special pack is only $25 for 5 copies of this one title. Incredible value.

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A MUST for any serious student of The Scriptures
Reviewed by Quintin on 10 May 2019  (Format reviewed: Hardcover)
Brother Connor does a tremendous service to The Church in his treatise "The Church in the New Testament". Its more on the level of a TEXTBOOK than anything else. The thing about Brother Connor's works (all of his books) that I love is that his books are like full on bible studies that you are having with him as you read (SCRIPTURE for EVERY point)! In reality, when you are reading ANY book you are in a sense, fellowshiping with the author. He addresses just about every topic related to The Church that you can think of and does it without any allegiance to a denomination, a pet doctrine or the latest "churchianity" fad. He allows the Scriptures to be our ONLY guide even if it cuts against some of the teachings that we have grown up hearing "in church" (how many know that WE ARE The Church? We don't "go to church") One of the examples I was so blessed to read which confirmed that which I had already seen in the Word, was that of FUNCTIONS being used as TITLES in church (we have taken FUNCTIONS and turned them into TITLES and the taken those TITLES and turned them into IDOLS!)! "Hello elder Baker. How are you bishop Potter. Good word today pastor Wilson" You don't see in The N.T. where they greeted each other in that manner. It was "brother" or "sister" or just their NAME (just using their NAME, now THAT'S revolutionary! :P )Brother Connor breaks all of that down in his chapter titled "Challenge To The Traditional System" Chapter 25. He deals with a number of our "sacred cows" in churchianity in that chapter. Be prepared to be challenged but more importantly I hope you are CHANGED by the Word of God on this book's pages AND by the POWER of The Holy Spirit who inspired what is on the pages. God bless you all! Thank you brother Connor for your poured out life for Jesus glory and the advancement of His KINGdom! I am sure you are enjoying your reward in the presence of The KING!
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Product #: 700136

Catalogue: 2020 Kevin Conner Catalogue

Date Published: 01 Feb 2019

Publisher: KJC Publications C

Subjects: Academic Theology - Old Testament

Category: Academic - Theology