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The Curse
Mass Market Paperback

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Supernatural-themed shows fill the TV schedule, and today's teens are curious--but is it safe? Best-selling author Bill Myers uses this thriller mystery series to demonstrate the allure and danger of the occult. Kids ages 10-14 will follow teens who find themselves drawn toward these "forbidden doors" of seances, reincarnation, and spells. Myers shows how faith can combat spiritual darkness. Originally released in 1994, this timely series, with over 300,000 copies sold, features fresh cover art that will appeal to today's teens.

#7 The Curse--"I think someone--or something--doesn't want us here. And I think whatever it is is very powerful."

Becka Williams isn't convinced that this trip to Louisiana was such a good idea. How are she and Scott supposed to help some girl caught up in voodoo, anyway? And what if there really is a connection between the bizarre rituals they witness deep in the bayou and the crazy incidents that began even before their plane landed?

As they try desperately to free Sara Thomas from a web of vengeance and deception, Scott and Becka find their own lives in danger--and their faith in God's amazing power tested as never before.

Author Information

Bill Myers
Bill Myers is a youth worker, creative writer, and film director who co-created the "McGee and Me!" book and video series; his work has received over forty national and international awards. His many books include Hot Topics, Tough Questions, and The Dark Side of the Supernatural.

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Product Details

Product #: 509295

Status: Special order item

Date Published: 01 Feb 2002

ISBN-10: 0842357394

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

Series: Forbidden Doors Series

Subjects: Children - Fiction (Ages 10 - 15)

Category: Books - Fiction Children