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The Essential Guide to Fasting

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Here is the essential, foundational handbook for anyone curious about this misunderstood spiritual discipline. Learn the basics--and benefits--of prayer and fasting, including a biblical overview, a practical plan, answers to your questions, and much more. Fasting isn't about lack--it's about drawing closer to God and resting in His abundance.

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Vital, Practical Teaching on Biblical, Effective Fasting from the Topic's Leading Author

Fasting is one of the most misunderstood spiritual disciplines in the church today. And in a society where we want for nothing, abstaining from something we want carries little appeal. Yet fasting isn't about lack--it's about drawing closer to God and resting in his abundance.

In this essential, foundational handbook to biblical fasting, Elmer L. Towns, one of the leading authors on the topic, will help you discover the amazing spiritual benefits of prayer and fasting. Not only does he lay out a biblical overview, but he also gives you a practical, easy-to-implement plan and answers your questions about this spiritual discipline. But more importantly, you will encounter a powerful new way to experience God's presence, to listen to him, to worship, and to pray more deeply.

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