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The Foundation of Christian Doctrine Study Guide

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The Study Guide is a companion to the textbook, 'The Foundations of Christian Doctrine' and is designed to be used along with the same. There are several ways of learning: Lecture, Audio and Video Tapes and Note-taking. One of the best ways of learning is by reading accompanied by a Self Study Guide. The word 'catechism' has the meaning of 'oral instruction with correcting the answers'. It is a proven method of learning. The student does not have to 'make up' the answers to the questions, but, by a careful reading of the text, answers will be discovered for the Study Guide. By reading the text and writing the answers, the student will find learning is greatly enriched. [308pp 190x253]

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Product Details

Product #: 518190

Catalogue: 2019 Kevin Conner Catalogue

Date Published: 01 Sep 2002

ISBN-10: 0949829404

Publisher Code: WKJC1952

Publisher: KJC Publications C

Subjects: Academic Theology - Biblical Doctrine / Books - Study Books

Category: Academic - Theology