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The Healing Wars: Book III: Darkfall
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Pages: 432
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War has come.

Nya’s the one who brought it. And the people love her for it.

With Baseer in shambles and Geveg now an impenetrable military stronghold, Nya and the Underground have fled to a safer location—without Tali. Nya is guilt-ridden over leaving her sister behind and vows to find her, but with the rebellion in full swing and refugees flooding the Three Territories, she fears she never will.

The Duke, desperate to reclaim the throne as his own, has rallied his powerful army. And they are on the move, destroying anyone who gets in the way.

To save her sister, her family, and her people, Nya needs to stay ahead of the Duke’s army and find a way to build one of her own. Past hurts must be healed, past wrongs must be righted, and Nya must decide: Is she merely a pawn in the rebellion, a symbol of hope—or is she ready to be a hero?

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Product Details

Product #: 663119

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 04 Oct 2011

ISBN-10: 0062093347

ISBN-13: 9780062093349

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Australia

Series: The Hearts True Desire Series

Subjects: Children - Fiction (Ages 7 - 10) / Children - Fiction Family Issues / Children - Fiction General

Category: Books - Fiction Children