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The Mandie Collection: Volume 3 (5 Novels)

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A collection of bestselling Mandie books 11-15 telling of life at the turn of the century for ages 8-13; over six million Mandie books sold.

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Whether they're meeting Mandie for the first time or rereading her adventures for the tenth time, readers young and old will love solving mysteries and learning valuable life lessons with Mandie and her friends as they travel to London in Mandie and the Foreign Spies, and to Washington in Mandie and the Washington Nightmare. Three other exciting books round out the third volume of the Mandie five-in-one series: Mandie and the Holiday Surprise, Mandie and the Midnight Journey, and Mandie and the Shipboard Mystery.

Author Information

Lois Gladys Leppard
As a young child, Lois was fascinated by the stories her father read to her from Grimm's Fairy Tales. When she wondered where the books came from, he patiently explained the writing and publishing processes to her and encouraged her to begin writing stories of her own.
Lois began her first Mandie story when she was only eleven years old! She was particularly inspired by the things her mother told her about her own orphaned childhood. But eventually the manuscript was tucked away in a drawer and forgotten.

Lois went on to attend Furman University, University of Maryland Extension in Libya, North Africa, and studied music for several years in New York City where she and her sister sang professionally. Later, Lois spent several years as a Federal Civil Service employee in various countries around the world.

Some years ago, Lois was prompted to pull that old manuscript out and began to work on Mandie's story—of her childhood in the South at the turn of the century and her Cherokee heritage. Bethany House Publishers recognized the story's potential for young readers—exciting adventures in a historical setting from a Christian perspective. Now the MANDIE BOOKS series have sales nearing six million copies!

Lois writes from her home in South Carolina. Enthusiastic young fans fill her mailbox with their insightful responses to her stories.

Lois Gladys Leppard's web site:
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Product #: 566813

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 01 Nov 2008

ISBN-10: 0764205935

ISBN-13: 9780764205934

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers

Series: The Mandie Collection

Subjects: Children - Series (same Set Of Central Characters) / Children - Fiction (Ages 8 - 13)

Category: Books - Fiction Children

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Size: 21.3 x 14.0 cm