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Throughout the history of the church the doctrine of the person of Christ has been a centerpiece of theological reflection. In The Person of Christ Donald Macleod rearticulates this multifaceted doctrine. He begins with the New Testament and recent attempts to understand its Christology. Macleod then turns his attention to Christ in the history of Christian theology, examining the principal issues extending from Arianism in the fourth century to kenotic Christology in the late nineteenth and e arly twentieth centuries to the current debate over the uniqueness of Christ.
The Person of Christ is a valuable point of entrance and a biblical assessment of the full panorama of issues that have shaped orthodox confessions of Christ through the centuries. The pathway of Christian revelation and tradition is clearly charted, with hazards new and old carefully marked.
Paperback, 303 pages.

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Product #: 371632

Status: Out of Print

Date Published: 01 Jul 1998

ISBN-10: 0851118968

Publisher: InterVarsity Press UK

Series: Contours of Christian Theology

Subjects: Academic Theology - Jesus, Messiah, Christology / Academic Theology (Aspects Of God's Nature And Work)

Category: Books - Christian Living