The Relationship Principles of Jesus

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What would you give to radically improve, even transform, what matters most in your relationships?How about forty days of your time?In forty days, bring new depth and health to your marriage, your family, and your friendships. Six weeks to explore and implement six foundational principles that Jesus taught and lived. You’ll be equipped with insights and a practical path for fulfilling God’s intention for all your relationships—even the difficult ones.Shaped after Rick Warren’s monumental bestseller, The Purpose Driven® Life, this book invites you to learn from the Master of relationships. The Relationship Principles of Jesus will profoundly shape how you view relationships.

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Reviewed by Pastor Colin Murdoch on 6 March 2009  (Format reviewed: Paperback)
The Relationship Principles of Jesus is 'LIFE CHANGING!" Everyone serious about Developing Relationship Principles based on the teachings of Jesus should read this book! You will never be the same again! Pastor Colin Murdoch
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