The Super-Natural Life

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Cindy Jacobs begins her newest release with a testimony of her first stirring encounter with the Holy Spirit. Her relationship with God was transformed, giving her the power of the supernatural in her life and the knowledge of how to release it. As in Acts 1:8, the Scriptures came alive to her more than ever before and she found the capacity to witness boldly. With warmth, humor and many revealing accounts, Cindy Jacobs shows that it takes the power of the Holy Spirit to do what God wants you to accomplish in your life. Join the best- selling author of "Women of Destiny" and discover step-by-step how to invite the Holy Spirit into your own life for remarkable change.


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Product #: 536299

Status: Out of Print

Date Published: 06 Apr 2005

ISBN-10: 0830729615

ISBN-13: 9780830729616

Publisher: Regal Books

Subjects: Books - Spiritual Growth / International edition

Category: Books - Christian Living

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Size: 22.9 x 15.2 cm