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The Supernatural Ways of Royalty

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Pages: 232
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Pauperhood is relegated to the children of a lesser god. It is the condition of slaves who have yet to discover their freedom on the other side of the river of baptism and find themselves still captured by the dark prince of torture and torment. He is the one who assigns them to a life of poverty, pain, and depression through a diabolical play of illusion. He hopes to conceal their true identity forever. This evil prince feeds his captives the poisonous rations of religion, convincing them they will fill their soul's hunger for righteousness. These slaves, blindfolded by their sin, think that they are laboring for their own freedom and work to pave their way out of prison with bricks built from the miry clay of self-righteousness. Yet, unknowingly, brick by brick, they are erecting their own chambers of death. Worse yet, they birth children into the same darkness ultimately creating legacies of bondage with mind-sets of hopelessness.

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Product #: 546795

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Date Published: 01 Apr 2006

ISBN-10: 0768423236

ISBN-13: 9780768423235

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

Subjects: Books - Spirituality / Books - Spirit Filled Living / Books - Christian Living (General) / Books - Holy Spirit, Charismatic Interest / Books - Science & Faith

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