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Pages: 286
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The Tabernacle of David is the second work in Conner's trilogy concerning the three major dwelling places of God in the Old Testament. This text answers many vital questions concerning the tabernacle in the Old Testament and its significance to New Testament revelation. The Tabernacle of David is a devotional, typical, theological and practical book and clearly shows the vast differences between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant methods of worship. It presents an exciting and stimulating challenge to the believer who is hungry to learn more about the move of the Holy Spirit today.

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Product #: 420487

Catalogue: Kevin Conner eStore

Date Published: 01 May 2000

ISBN-10: 0949829005

Publisher Code: TD

Publisher: KJC Publications C

Series: Divine Habitation Trilogy

Subjects: Academic - Biblical/Bible Studies / Books - Prophecy / Books - Holy Spirit, Charismatic Interest

Category: Academic - Reference