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The Universe: How Great Is Our God

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Pages: 168
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This book is your boarding pass to a fascinating journey into space beginning on planet Earth and traveling to the borders of the known Universe and beyond. Along the way you will discover what you were never aware of before: facts about the known planets in our cosmic neighborhood, far-away stars and supernovas, and mysteries hidden in black holes, untold galaxies, quasars, and dark energy. This Universe is truly amazing, and it points to the amazing Designer and Creator of it all - God.

Discover the magnificent images and facts of one aspect of the creation in this first book “The Universe” in the “How Great is our God” series!

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Product #: 629480

Status: Stock line

Date Published: 01 Jan 2013

ISBN-13: 9788771321135

Publisher: Scandinavia Publishing House

Series: How Great Is Our God Series

Subjects: Books / Books - Inspirational

Category: Gifts - Books

Size: 260 x 260mm