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The Worship Pastor

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Modern worship leaders are restless. They have inherited a model of leadership that equates leading worship with being a rock star. But leading worship is more than a performance, it's about shaping souls and making disciples. Every worship leader is really a pastor.

The Worship Pastor is a practical and biblical introduction to this essential pastoral role. Filled with engaging, illustrative stories it is organized to address questions of theory and practice, striving to balance conversational accessibility with informed instruction.

  • Part One presents a series of evocative "vignettes"--intriguing and descriptive titles and metaphors of who a Worship Pastor is and what he or she does. It shows the Worship Pastor as Church-Lover, Disciple Maker, Corporate Mystic, and Doxological Philosopher.
  • Part Two covers specific roles related to ministry within the worship service itself--the Worship Pastor as Theological Dietician, Caregiver, Mortician, Emotional Shepherd, War General, Prophetic Guardian, Missional Historian, and Liturgical Architect.
  • Part Three looks at ministry beyond the worship service--the Worship Pastor as Visionary Teacher, Evangelist, Artist Chaplain, and Team Leader.

While some worship leaders are eager to embrace their pastoral role, many are lost and confused or lack the resources of time or money to figure out what this role looks like. Pastor Zac Hicks gives us a clear guide to leading worship, one that takes the pastoral call seriously.


Introduction: Ready or Not, You're a Pastor!
Part One: Pastoring Worshipers: Overarching Concepts
Chapter 1: Pastor as Church Lover
Chapter 2: The Worship Pastor as Disciple Maker
Chapter 3: The Worship Pastor as Corporate Mystic
Chapter 4: The Worship Pastor as Doxological Philosopher
Part Two: Pastoring Worshipers Through the Worship Service
Chapter 5: The Worship Pastor as Theological Dietician
Chapter 6: The Worship Pastor as Caregiver
Chapter 7: The Worship Pastor as Mortician
Chapter 8: The Worship Pastor as Emotional Shepherd
Chapter 9: The Worship Pastor as War General
Chapter 10: The Worship Pastor as Prophetic Guardian
Chapter 11: The Worship Pastor as Missional Historian
Chapter 12: The Worship Pastor as Liturgical Architect
Part Three: Pastoring Worshipers Beyond the Worship Service
Chapter 13: The Worship Pastor as Visionary Teacher
Chapter 14: The Worship Pastor as Evangelist
Chapter 15: The Worship Pastor as Artist Chaplain
Chapter 16: The Worship Pastor as Team Leader
Conclusion: The Worship Pastor as Failure
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