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This Is the Life! Enjoying the Blessings and Privileges of Faith in Christ

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Bestselling Bible teacher helps readers escape legalism, accept grace, and enjoy the blessings and privileges of the Christian life.

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The Christian life should be one of pervading joy, persistent grace, and promises kept. God doesn't call us to a legalistic life of grimly getting by until we reach a heavenly reward. We receive part of our reward and inheritance in this life, on this earth. Yet we so often let the things of this life determine our outlook. The habits that bind us, the negative attitudes that control us, the people who bother us, the needs that depress us, and the challenges that frighten us--they can all be handled by God, says beloved author Warren W. Wiersbe, if we will let him have his way.

In This Is the Life! the veteran pastor helps readers rediscover the kind of life God promised them. He shows clearly that the way to joy is through cultivating a close relationship with God and obedience to his Word, calling readers to enjoy all the blessings and privileges of a life of faith--right now.

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Catalogue: 2020 Books to encourage and Inspire

Date Published: 21 Oct 2014

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Publisher: Baker Book House

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