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Timeflyz #05: Power Play (Graphic Novel)

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Pages: 160
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In this exciting fifth episode of a manga adventure, the Timeflyz encounter a most appropriate enemy—a Venus flytrap! After outsmarting the evil plant and the other diversions created by Darchon, the flyz meet scientist Michael Faraday. Mr. Faraday helps them learn to see their problems creatively while Laurel learns to control her own special powers. Will they be able to stop Darchon before he kidnaps yet another important scientist? What is the choice Laurel must make that affects the future of the Timeflyz? This book explores the important themes of love and sacrifice.

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Product Details

Product #: 563254

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 02 Dec 2008

ISBN-10: 031071365X

ISBN-13: 9780310713654

UPC: 025986713652

Publisher: Zondervan Publishing House

Series: Z Graphic Novels / TimeFlyz

Subjects: Children - Comic books / Children - Fiction Comics and Graphic Novels

Category: Books - Children

Weight: 149 gr

Size: 180 x 127 mm