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Using and Enjoying Biblical Greek: Reading the New Testament With Fluency and Devotion

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A veteran instructor helps students advance their knowledge of Greek, equipping them to read the original texts with fluency and depth.

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Many who study biblical Greek despair of being able to use it routinely, but veteran instructor Rodney Whitacre says there is hope! By learning to read Greek slowly, students can become fluent one passage at a time and grasp the New Testament in its original language. Whitacre explains how to practice meditation on Scripture (lectio divina) in Greek, presenting a workable way to make Greek useful in life and ministry. Ideal for classroom use and for group or individual study, this book helps students advance their knowledge of Greek and equips them to read the original texts with fluency and depth.

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Product #: 670482

Catalogue: 2020 September Catalog

Date Published: 01 Dec 2015

ISBN-10: 0801049946

ISBN-13: 9780801049941

Publisher: Baker Academic

Subjects: Academic - Greek Language Texts / Academic Theology - New Testament

Category: Academic - Reference

Weight: 524 g

Size: 23.5 x 17.8 cm