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Wake Up Church: How to be Ready for the Return of Christ
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"Lukewarmness in the Church… Moral Decay in Society…Unstable Economies... We live in a troubled world. This is a wake up call! The King of the Universe is coming back to rule the earth in righteousness! ARE YOU READY? The various voices of politics, world religions, and new cultural movements all seek to proclaim some form of hope in the midst of these uncertain times. The Word of God tells us that the only true hope is found in Jesus Christ. He is the Savior who died for sinners, and He is the reigning King who will return to earth with power and great glory. This is the hope we have as Christians—that our King will surely come again. But is the Church ready for the return of Jesus? Are the people of God living in light of and longing desperately for that Day? This book seeks to unpack several exhortations which the Bible gives us in order to help us be prepared for the Second Coming of Christ, such as loving the truth, living holy lives, enduring suffering, and proclaiming the gospel to the unreached nations. This book will help the people of God live out these realities as they await the glorious return of King Jesus."

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Product #: 672808

Status: Current Title

Date Published: 22 Aug 2011

ISBN-13: 9781620200964

Subjects: Books - End Times

Category: Books - Christian Living