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"What About Israel?" It is without doubt that this very title will stir up mixed emotions in believers from all walks of life.

The subject concerning "Israel" is a controversial issue. As has been noted in this booklet, for some it will be such, even to the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

If readers have the textbook entitled "Restoration Theology", they will pardon a repitition of some chapters her, with additional portions. With the Introduction and Conclusion.

The writer encourages all who do read this Booklet to read it fully through first. Weigh the comments and presentation in the light of Scripture. It is the writer's hope and faith that many believers will come out of what may be called "Conventional Confusion" from the Old Covenant and more fully into the New Convenant.

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Product #: 659037

Catalogue: 2020 Kevin Conner Catalogue

Date Published: 01 Jun 2014

Publisher: KJC Publications

Subjects: Academic Theology - Biblical Doctrine

Category: Academic - Theology