Web Orders ...providing the best in Christian resources for over 70 years 10 NEW NEW BOOKS TO MAKE YOU SMILE 365 SENIOR MOMENTS YOU’D RATHER FORGET Karen O’Connor This book offers a great collection of humorous anecdotes on senior moments. Readers in the half of life will discover 365 rather funny situation to avoid, with some of them sounding all too familiar. This warm-hearted and playful book encourages laughter and taking life in stride. Paperback # 612465 WORD’s Price: $7.99 LAUGHING ALL THE WAY Wit, Wisdom And The Willpower For The Golden Years Karen O’Connor Age Ain’t Nothin’ But a Number! Join Karen as she shares funny yet poignant personal anecdotes to encourage you to make new choices, accept new challenges, take new chances, and open new chapters in your life. Above all, know that God is with you every step of your journey and can’t wait to greet you in heaven someday. But today is not that day, so live your senior life to the fullest! Paperback # 697617 WORD’s Price: $16.99 THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE DISCOUNT A Light-hearted Look At Our Senior Moments Karen O’Connor Stay forever young with these whimsical, slice- of-senior-life stories from bestselling humourist Karen O’ Connor. These amusing anecdotes on aging celebrate the hilarious highs and laugh- out-loud lows that can only come from decades of experience. Paperback # 697558 WORD’s Price: $14.99 less 46% = $7.99 LAUGHING AT LIFE’S MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENTS Dan Taylor Of all the gifts Gove gives is, laughter is definitely one of the sweetest. Delight in this good-for-the-soul collection of humour dedicated to the many ways laughter can surprise, amaze, comfort and enrich your life like nothing else. Drawing on his experience as a preacher’s kid and former youth pastor Dan Taylor shares hilarious anecdotes from church and everyday life. Paperback # 697618 WORD’s Price: $15.99 LORD, HOW DID I GET THIS OLD SO SOON? Prayers & Promises To Brighten Your Day Karen O’Connor Bestselling author and gentle humourist Karen O’Connor offers simple-yet-beautiful prayers that reveal God’s heart and the blessings he gives. Each uplifting meditation helps you talk with God about your needs and thank him for his love and provision. Paperback # 648118 WORD’s Price: $13.99 less 42% = $4.99 BEST DAD JOKES EVER Chantelle Grace The next time your young comedian is looking to serve up priceless entertainment, share Best. Dad Jokes. Ever. If you think you’ve heard every dad joke in the book, think again. This book is sure to have you laughing out loud, even if you don’t want to. Paperback # 697429 WORD’s Price: $5.99 GETTIN’ OLD AIN’T FOR WIMPS Inspirations and Stories to Warm Your Heart and Tickle Your Funny Bone Karen O’Connor Bursting with wit and wisdom, these light-hearted, real life stories with insightful Scripture and heartfelt prayers, will make you chuckles and confess, ‘That sounds just like me!’ Popular speaker and author Karen O’Connor invoices you to celebrate the joys and misadventures of getting older. Paperback # 697466 WORD’s Price: $7.99 DOGS TO THE RESCUE Inspirational Stories Of Four-Footed Heroes M.R. Wells This collection of short devotions features inspirational stories of rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and dogs that help their humans in unexpected ways. These heart-warming tales of doggie heroics will teach you that who you are on the inside matters most--and that with God (and a furry friend!) on your side, there’s no obstacle you can’t overcome. Paperback # 642779 WORD’s Price: $14.99 less 46% = $7.99 FORGETTABLE JOKES FOR OLDER FOLKS Jokes You Wish You Could Remember About Things You Thought You’d Never Forget Martha Bolton Laugh all the way to your next birthday and beyond! From well-known comedy writer Martha Bolton comes a refreshing book of jokes for older folks. Use this book to unwind, share it with your friends, and smile your way to a brighter outlook on life. After all, a few more laugh lines can’t hurt! Paperback # 699164 WORD’s Price: $9.99