Web Orders ...providing the best in Christian resources for over 70 years 12 HELP & ENCOURAGEMENT FOR RAISING CHILDREN 52 THINGS TO PRAY FOR YOUR KIDS Jay Payleitner Popular speaker, author, and father Jay Payleitner knows the power of sustained prayer over his children. This resource will help you prayer powerfully for your children and gives you practical insight into finding hope and encouragement in prayer, modelling a fervent prayer life for your children and more. Paperback # 656799 WORD’s Price: $7.99 LET’S STICK TOGETHER The Relationship Book For New Parents Harry Benson Are you a new parent, or about to become one? Learn three simple habits that will keep love alive and protect your relationship against the pressures that parenting brings. Illustrated with real-life examples Harry Bensen highlights simple principles that will make your relationship the best it can be and ensure you don’t become just another statistic. Paperback # 633854 WORD’s Price: $9.99 less 50% = $4.99 THINGS I WISH I’D KNOWN BEFORE WE BECAME PARENTS Gary Chapman, Shannon Warden Dr. Gary Chapman teams up with Dr. Shannon Warden to give young parents a book that is practical, informed, and enjoyable. Together they share what they wished they had known before having kids. With warmth and humour they offer practical advice on everything from potty training to scheduling, apologizing to your child, and keeping your marriage strong. Paperback # 692228 WORD’s Price: $19.99 YOU CAN RAISE COURAGEOUS AND CONFIDENT KIDS Mary E. DeMuth With sensitivity and a passion to help families experience authentic, life-changing relationships with God, mother of three Mary DeMuth reveals effective ways for parents to communicate with and encourage their kids. Paperback # 588219 WORD’s Price: $14.99 less 46% = $7.99 PARENTING TEENS WITH LOVE AND LOGIC Cline Foster & Jim Fay When kids hit their teen years, parenting takes on a whole new dimension. According to Jim Fay and Foster Cline, hovering and drilling won’t prepare teens for the real world because they learn responsibility like they learn everything else: through practice. That’s where Love and Logic parenting comes in. Paperback # 677450 WORD’s Price: $24.99 less 20% = $19.99 THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES OF YOUR FAMILY 2-IN-1 Gary Chapman This special two-in-one volume contains the bestselling The 5 Love Languages of Children and The 5 Love Languages of Teenagers. Learn about the 5 love languages and find out which one of these languages your child or teenager speaks. Paperback # 671891 WORD’s Price: $24.99 less 20% = $19.99 TEENAGERS What Every Parent Needs To Know Rob Parsons Author of the highly successful Sixty Minute series Rob Parsons turns his attention to that very difficult period of adolescence - the teenage years. Rob Parsons explains how to cope with this often disruptive period in a family’s life and how to continue feeling close to your teenagers as they grow up and become increasingly independent. Paperback # 553159 WORD’s Price: $14.99 FAITH AND THE MODERN FAMILY Craig Jutila Craig Jutila offers sound advice for today’s modern family and today’s modern parents! Craig will guide you through the steps of setting a healthy life pace for your family, which includes advice on setting priorities, modelling the behaviour you want from your children, and planning for you family’s future. Paperback # 641038 WORD’s Price: $16.99 less 71% = $4.99 HOPE FOR THE PRODIGAL Bringing The Lost, Wandering And Rebellious Love Jim Putman Pastor and discipleship expert draws from his personal experience as a parent and wanderer in the faith to encourage parents that there is hope for their wayward children and equip churches with practical tools to reach and retain young people. Paperback # 690262 WORD’s Price: $19.99 KEEPING YOUR KIDS ON GOD’S SIDE 40 Conversations To Help Them Build A Lasting Faith Natasha Crain It’s no secret that children of all ages are being exposed to negative criticism of Christianity as they spend time at school, with friends, or online. In this book you’ll find 40 of the most common challenges kids face--along with clear, easy-to-understand responses you can discuss together. Paperback # 682425 WORD’s Price: $17.99