front back You can place your order Online @ Phone 03 9894 4900 24 Hour Despatch on all web order in stock in our warehouse. Follow your order online by signing in to your account and navigating to my account and then clicking orders! 17 NEW NEW INSPIRATIONAL RESOURCES FOR OUTREACH A COMPANY OF HEROES Portraits From The Gospel’s Global Advance Tim Keesee, foreword by Tim Challies This book, written by a missions journalist as he travelled throughout twenty different countries, is filled with stories of Christians past and present whose examples of endurance, courage, sacrifice, and humility connect readers with God’s unstoppable work across the world. Paperback # 701019 WORD’s Price: $19.99 THE PURPLE BOOK Biblical Foundations For Building Strong Disciples (Updated Edition) Rice Broocks, Steve Murrell In today’s uncertain world, storms will arise that test your faith in a loving heavenly Father. Without a firm foundation in the truth of God’s Word, you may be tempted to go off course and accept less than God’s best for you. The Purple Book will help you understand foundational truths that God wants you to hear on topics such as sin, salvation, spiritual gifts, prayer, worship, generosity, and evangelism. Paperback # 691100 WORD’s Price: $15.99 THE SCHOOL OF BIBLICAL EVANGELISM Kirk Cameron & Ray Comfort This comprehensive study, for both new and advanced believers, offers an extensive course of thought-provoking topics in easy-to-read portions. With insightful lessons on subjects ranging from basic Christian doctrines to knowing our enemy, from false conversions to proving the deity of Jesus, you will be well-equipped to answer questions as you witness to anyone. Paperback # 700327 WORD’s Price: $39.99 WITNESS CROSS & CARD A Witness Cross with five simple symbols that convey the life of Jesus Christ as a witness of faith and His story. Great for events at your church. Wooden Cross 4.44cm high on 88cm nylon cord. Includes Wallet Card: 5.08 x 8.89cm. Cross # 700529 WORD’s Price: $2.99 Buy 10+ for only $2.50 each SO THE NEXT GENERATION WILL KNOW Sean McDowell, J. Warner Wallace A practical guidebook for parents, youth pastors, teachers, and other caring adults guide students to learn and live the Christian worldview. Written by two youth influencers and experts on Generation Z, this is an extraordinarily practical guide for anyone who loves young people today. Paperback # 701020 WORD’s Price: $21.99 SUCCESSFUL CHRISTIAN LIVING Guidelines For New Christians (Revised And Updated Edition) Reg Klimionok Written and compiled by Dr Reg Kliminok, the material in this booklet enables any established Christian to assist a new believer to walk effectively with Christ - affirming their decision and helping them understand what has happened to them. Paperback # 363968 WORD’s Price: $8.99 MY BOOK OF PRAYERS Tiny books with Great truth! This little book is slightly bigger than the palm of your hand and yet, it is filled with 87 prayers taken from Scripture and giants in the Faith. Size: 7.62cm x 9.52cm. BLACK Imitation Leather # 700664 BLUE Imitation Leather # 700663 BLACK Imitation Leather # 700662 WORD’s Price: $2.99 each A SEARCH FOR THE SPIRITUAL Exploring Real Christianity James Emery White This is the book to put into the hands of seekers. With disarming candor (and no churchspeak), White explores the basics of the Christian faith. For those who seek God and are willing to come to that search with an open mind and a listening heart, this book will prove to be an invaluable traveller’s companion for the journey that includes an exploration of the Christian faith. Paperback # 365643 WORD’s Price: $24.99 less 68% = $7.99 EVANGECUBE An outstanding tool for evangelism. Evangecube is a seven-picture cube that clearly and simply unfolds the Gospel of Christ. Made for everyone users can share this creative, easy-to- use puzzle to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to life. Size: 7cm. Cube # 568065 WORD’s Price: $14.99 ECUBE FOR KIDS Kids’ EE-Cube! kids can share the Gospel... here’s a colourful, fun, interactive evangelism tool for kids! Cube # 568074 WORD’s Price: $14.99 Super Special