Web Orders ...providing the best in Christian resources for over 70 years 4 RESOURCES TO HELP YOU DEFEND THE CHRISTIAN FAITH A DEFENCE OF THE BIBLE Third Edition Gary J Baxter This useful and concise book examines the historical and scientific evidence for the Bible. It equips Christians to answer critics and presents compelling support for the reliability of God’s word. Paperback # 608111 WORD’s Price: $14.99 GOD IS GOOD FOR YOU A Defence of Christianity in Troubled Times Peter Sheriden God is Good For You shows us why Christianity is so vital for our personal and social well-being, and how modern Christians have never worked so hard to make the world a better place at a time when their faith has never been less valued. It carries a vital torch for Christianity in a way that’s closely argued, warmly human, good humoured yet passionate, and, above all, convincing. Paperback # 699161 WORD’s Price: $29.99 less 20% = $23.99 THE DANIEL DILEMMA How To Stand Firm And Love Well In A Culture Of Compromise Chris Hodges Chris hodges examines the life of the prophet Daniel to provide solutions on how to walk closely with God without caving to pressure. Full of Scripture and seasoned with Hodge’s candid personal insights, The Daniel Dilemma shows us that we hold firmly to biblical beliefs without being obnoxious, insulting or mad. Paperback # 694768 WORD’s Price: $21.99 THE CASE FOR COLLECTION 3-PACK (CHRIST, FAITH, CREATOR) Lee Strobel This great value pack contains 3 best selling books to strengthen your faith. Titles include ‘The Case For Christ,’ ‘The Case For Faith’ and ‘The Case For A Creator.’ Paperback # 697123 WORD’s Price: $12.99 JAWS WITHOUT TEETH Quick Answers To Atheists Questions Designed To Shred The Christian Faith Ray Comfort This brief book, in just a few sentences each, will give you concise, common sense responses to those who embrace the foolishness of atheism and the unscientific and unobservable blind faith of evolution. Paperback # 654289 WORD’s Price: $9.99 STAND STRONG IN YOUR FAITH Live What You Believe With Confidence And Passion Jason Jimenez and Alex McFarland With all the fear in the world and the constant doubts and worry that consume most Christians, this book will build your confidence and help you possess an explosive faith! Jason Jimenez and Alex McFarland deliver a powerful message that champions Christians to live their faith with boldness and strength. Paperback # 686680 WORD’s Price: $14.99 THE CREATION ANSWER BOOK Hank Hanegraaff Answers to the most common—and most controversial—questions about creation evidences. Renowned Bible scholar Hank Hanegraaff brings to life the answers God has revealed about His magnificent creation—our universe, light and time, the earth and all who inhabit it. This book will help Christians understand more about creation and God’s plan for our world. Hardcover # 609031 WORD’s Price: $16.99 less 52% = $7.99 A SIMPLE CHRISTIANITY Rediscover The Foundational Principles Of Our Faith John MacArthur Bible teacher John MacArthur invites readers to rediscover the simple basis of their faith: understanding the person of Jesus Christ and the significance of their relationship with him as Almighty God, Saviour, Lord, and first love. Paperback # 687557 WORD’s Price: $19.99 DEFENDING YOUR FAITH REVISED AND EXPANDED EDITION Reliable Answers For A New Generation of Seekers And Sceptics Dan Story Whether you want to grow in your own understanding of Christianity or need trustworthy responses to the questions of friends, Dan Story has the answers. Defending Your Faith helps Christians see that their faith is reasonably and intelligently grounded on objective, verifiable evidence. Paperback # 700579 WORD’s Price: $24.99 DVD NEW ANSWERS PACK Volume 1-3 Answers in Genesis Contains the three New Answers DVD’s at a great price. What do you really believe - and why does it matter to your life, your family, and your faith? Concise and fast-paced, this cutting-edge DVD is especially great for teens and young adults. DVD # 587590 WORD’s Price: $34.99