b'END TIMES RESOURCESDVD THE END TIMES Bible Prophecy & Promises(6 DVD SET)This great value boxed set contains 6 best selling DVD titles that will encourage inspire and inform you in these end times. This special 6 DVD collection demonstrates that God is in control. Our citizenship in Christs Kingdom is sure, our destiny is set, and our victory over death is certain.Titles are: The End Times: In the Words of Jesus, The 7 Signs of Christs Return, Armageddon, The Gates of Jerusalem, Against All Odds: Israel Survives, and Heaven Our Eternal Home.DVD# 581585 WORDs Price: $69.99THE HANDBOOKTHE THIRD JIHAD OvercomingFOR THE END TIMESSAVERadical Islams Plan For The West Hope, Help and EncouragementMichael Youssef for Living In The Last Days 50%The Third Jihad is a call for ChristiansDon Fintoto defend their families, protect theirThe future has never looked bleakeror nation, and boldly share the good newsbrighter. In a hopeful, inspiring call to action,REVELATION Four Viewsof Jesus with their communities bestselling author and pastor Don FintoRevised and Expandedespecially their Muslim neighbours.prepares believers for the exciting possibilitiesSteve GreggMichael Youssef leads the reader to anof the days ahead, including how to press intoHow can we understand the book of Revelation empowering conclusion in our troublingthe light, shine more brightly in the deepeningand its many interpretations? This book covers (and even frightening) times.darkness, watch for the signs of Jesus return,the traditional views in an even-handed fashion. Paperback# 699417wrestle for victory, and more! Four parallel columns present the information WORDs Price: $24.99 50% Paperback# 696140you need on these key views and inform you OFF! WORDs Price: $19.99 about outstanding commentators on the book of THE NON-PROPHETS less 50% = $9.99 Revelation.GUIDE TO THE END TIMES Paperback# 616673Todd Hampson WORDs Price: $29.99 less 50% = $14.99Prepare to be blessed in an entertainingTHE DISCERNER Hearing, and meaningful way! This bookConfirming and Acting On combines engaging illustrations withProphetic Revelation THE END TIMES IN down-to-earth explanations to helpJames Goll CHRONOLOGICAL ORDERyou navigate the ins and outs of BibleWhat is prophetic revelation; fromA Complete Overview prophecy. Theres no better time toGod? And what is the believers role inTo Understanding Bible grasp Gods plans for the futureandreceiving and activating it? James GollProphecyfor youthan this very moment. explains that although some believersRon RhodesPaperback# 697669 are especially gifted as prophets, everyBible prophecy expert Ron Rhodes WORDs Price: $20.99 follower of Jesus receives the gifts ofoffers an easy-to-understand revelation and discernment. And everyyet detailed chronology and DVD THE END TIMES believer needs to use them!explanation of end-times events. Jesus Christ spoke of signs that willPaperback# 694602 The chapters are arranged around announce the most catastrophic periodWORDs Price: $19.99 the major end-times themes: in our planets history: the seven yearsthe rapture, the tribulation, the called the Tribulation! Using computerANSWERS TO THE MOST IMPORTANT millennial kingdom, and the eternal animation, fine art, dramatizations,QUESTIONS ABOUT THE END TIMES state. As readers discover that and an original music score, The EndDr. John Hart they really can understand Bible Times is a compelling presentation ofIn this handy resource, Dr. John Hart separates fact from fiction,prophecy, they will come to love the major events that will immediatelypresenting clear answers to your biggest questions straight from theand trust the Scriptures like never precede and unfold during theBible. Find out exactly what Gods Word does and doesnt say aboutbefore.Tribulation. Jesus second coming, the Antichrist, biblical prophecy, and more. Paperback# 613154DVD# 535855Paperback# 681257 WORDs Price: $14.99WORDs Price: $19.99 WORDs Price: $14.99less 35% = $12.9924 Hour Despatch on all web order in stock in our warehouse.You can place your order Follow your order online by signing in to your account and navigating to my account and then clicking orders! Online @Phone 03 9894 4900Email orders@word.com.au 17'