b'POPULAR BIBLES FOR GIVINGAsk for a bulk price for your church or school.Email: orders@word.com.auCEV BIG WORD FOR KIDSNEW TESTAMENT UPDATEDAn updated edition of the bestselling CEV Big Word for Kids New Testament! This New Testament with its bright, new cover and single column easy to read font, now includes 20 exciting black and white illustrations to add interest and variety for children. 605 pages.Paperback# 696259 WORDs Price: $12.99ESV ECONOMY HOLY BIBLECEV YOUTH BIBLE FOR KIDS COMPACT GLOBAL EDITION10 point print size NIV OUTREACH LARGE PRINT BIBLE FOR KIDS A user-friendly and mission-driven translation, with lucid This economy Bible is just for10.5 point print size and lyrical contemporary-style language.Includes maps, kids, with illustrations and extraThis outreach large print Bible for kids enables you to presentdictionary and study notes to help you understand the content that provide an accessiblefirst-time Bible readers with an easy way of discovering thescriptures better. 1104 pages.introduction to characters andScriptures as an unfolding story. 2 column text. 1184 pages.Paperback# 540601stories of the Bible. Includes a kid- 15.9cm x 23.5cm. WORDs Price: $14.99friendly explanation of Gods plan ofPaperback# 698160 Hardcover# 540602 salvation, 24 pages of illustrations.WORDs Price: $12.99 WORDs Price: $17.991168 pages. Size: 21.4cm x 14.6cm x 3.8cm.Paperback# 693477NIV VALUE OUTREACH BIBLEWORDs Price: $8.99 8 point print size NLT HOLY BIBLE Ideal for churches and ministriesOUTREACH EDITIONESV ECONOMY BIBLE buying in bulk, the NIV Value Outreach7.5 point print size7 point print size Bible is a great witness tool to giveThis outreach Bible features Designed especially for outreach, thisto first-time Bible readers looking7.5 point type, a reading plan to economy Bible is a great resource forto discover Gods Word. Includesguide users through the Bible, reaching the world with Gods Word.sectional headers and translatorsbook introductions that provide Includes an article entitled, Whynotes, plan of salvation, and table ofcontext and a plan of Salvation. Read the Bible, a 40 day readingweights and measures in a softcover768 pages.plan, introduction to Old and Newbinding. 864 pages. 13.9cm x 21.6cm. Paperback# 673576Testaments, and an explanation of thePaperback# 692479WORDs Price: $5.50plan of salvation. Black letter text. 624WORDs Price: $5.99pages. 14.3cm x 21.4cm x 2.7cm.Paperback# 693440 NKJV VALUE OUTREACH BIBLE WORDs Price: $3.99 BLUE OCEAN COVER NLT ABUNDANT LIFE NKJV HERES HOPE OUTREACH8 point print size NEW TESTAMENTNEW TESTAMENT The NKJV Outreach Bible is ideal for7.3 point print size10 point print size ministries and churches who want toThe Abundant Life Bible offers This is perfect for evangelism andshare the Gospel with those interestedreaders insights about living outreach. Featuring the Roman Roadin Gods Word and Christianity.the abundant life through a plan of salvation and a special WhereFeatures such as charts, maps, arelationship with Jesus Christ. to Find It index section, this Newplan of salvation, reading plan, andTopics such as joy, peace, Testament will help readers discoveroverviews of the major part of thedealing with lifes tough and share the hope found in a living,Bible, make it easy for first-time Bibleissues, and more offer practical everyday relationship with Jesusreaders to understand Scripture. 864guidance for daily life. 272 Christ. 308 pages. 13cm x 18.8cm. pages. 13.9cm x 21.6cm. pages. 12.7cm x 18.7cm.Paperback# 698444Paperback# 691155 Paperback# 530866 WORDs Price: $3.50 WORDs Price: $5.99 WORDs Price: $3.7524 Hour Despatch on all web order in stock in our warehouse.You can place your order Follow your order online by signing in to your account and navigating to my account and then clicking orders! Online @Phone 03 9894 4900Email orders@word.com.au 21'