b'SAVE 50% ON THESE PASS IT ON CARDSPASS IT ON CARD PACKSPass It On cards are designed to uplift and encourage with50%assorted designs and themes available. Perfect size toOFF!carry wherever you go, hand out or enclose in cards or gifts.newAvailable in packs of 25, 1 design per pack. Size: 7.62 x 5.08cm. CHRISTMAS PASS AROUND CARDSWORDs Price: $6.99 less 50% = $3.49 eachShare the joy and real meaning of Christmas with these pack of 25 pass (Discount applies to Pass It On Cards on page 23 only.SMILE HAPPY LOOKSaround cards. Great for giving. Each card features a Scripture verse and a Discount does not apply to Christmas Pass Around Cards) GOOD ON YOUspace for a message on the back. Size: 8cm x 5cm. Scripture: Psalm 32:11 WORDs Price: $5.99 eachPass It on Cards# 700736(Please note 50% discount does not apply)BE HAPPY JUST KEEP ON PRAYING Scripture: Philippians 4:4 Pass It on Cards# 700720 GLORY TO GOD IN THEJOY TO THE WORLD Pass It on Cards# 700734 THANK YOU FOR BEING YOUHIGHEST GREEN WREATHPass It on Cards# 700733 Card# 700287Card# 700290BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS JUST KEEP PRAYING JOY TO THE WORLD NATIVITY Scripture: Numbers 6:25 Scripture: Matthew 21:22 TRUST IN GODS TIMINGCard# 700288ORNAMENTSPass It on Cards# 700723Pass It on Cards# 700719 Scripture: Psalm 18:2 Card# 700291 Pass It on Cards# 700708 O COME LET USREMEMBER THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE ADORE HIM REASON FOR THE Scripture: Galatians 5:22 Scripture: Luke 1:37 GOD THINKS YOUR SPECIALCard# 700289SEASONPass It on Cards# 700728Pass It on Cards# 700731 Scripture: Deuteronomy 23:5 Card# 700292 Pass It on Cards# 700685 HI THERE POWER AND LOVE WHAT A BLESSING YOU ARE Scripture: Psalm 118:24 Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:7 Scripture: Numbers 6:24-25Pass It on Cards# 700717 Pass It on Cards# 700725 Pass It on Cards# 700738 24 Hour Despatch on all web order in stock in our warehouse.You can place your order Follow your order online by signing in to your account and navigating to my account and then clicking orders! Online @Phone 03 9894 4900Email orders@word.com.au 23'