b'PREMIUM CHRISTMAS BOXED CARDS THOMAS KINKADE BOXED Pack of 18 premium boxed Christmas cards with Scripture verse and an encouraging message. Feature glitter,CHRISTMAS CARDSembossing, bronzing or foil finishes. 18 cards and 19 co-ordinating designed envelopes. Sie: 12.85cm x 19.68cm.Premium boxed Christmas cards featuring artwork from Thomas Kinkade and Scripture verse. Includes glitter, embossing, foil finishes. 18 cards and foiled-lined or coordinating design envelopes.20%Card Size: 12.85cm x 19.68cm. OFF!WORDs Price: $16.99 eachless 20% = $13.59 each ALL IS CALM GLORY TO GOD LET HEAVEN AND NATURE SINGScripture: Luke 2:13,14 Scripture: Luke 2:14 KJV Scripture: Luke 2:10,11 NLTBoxed Cards# 697204Boxed Cards# 589257 Boxed Cards# 685543WORDs Price: $15.99 WORDs Price: $15.99 WORDs Price: $15.99 CHRISTMAS BLESSINGScripture: Ruth 2:4 NRSVBoxed Cards# 697187MESSIAH PEACE IN OUR HOMES PEACE ON EARTH WHAT WE FIND IN JESUSScripture: Luke 2:11 KJV Scripture: John 14:27 NIV Scripture: Luke 2:14 Scripture: Colossians 2:9 NLTBoxed Cards# 685544Boxed Cards# 697222 Boxed Cards# 697218 Boxed Cards# 697214 WORDs Price: $15.99 WORDs Price: $15.99 WORDs Price: $15.99 WORDs Price: $15.99 BOXED CHRISTMAS CARDSPack of 18 Christmas cards featuring Scripture verse and an inspirational message with 19 coloured envelopes.MERRY CHRISTMASEach features glitter, embossing, bronzing or foil accents. Cards Size: 12.cm x 17.5cm.Scripture: James 1:17 KJVWORDs Price: $12.99 each Boxed Cards# 697186OH HOLY NIGHTJESUS CAME NOT TO ACHRISTMAS BLESSINGS GODS LOVEIN A MOMENT 1 JOHN 4:9 NIV THRONE Scripture: Luke 2:14 KJV Boxed Cards# 697188 Scripture: 2 Corinthians 1:20 NCV Scripture: 1 John 4:9 NIV Scripture: Ephesians 5:2 NIV Boxed Cards# 651860 Boxed Cards# 697227 Boxed Cards# 697240 Boxed Cards# 693270 24 .providing the best in Christian resources for over 70 years Web Orders'