b'2020 PLANNERS2020 18 MONTH DAILY PLANNERS18 month daily planner, January 2020June 2021, with additional features including personal information page, Bible promises for you, steps to Salvation, how to become a strong consistent Christian, prayer requests, address/phone number2020 DESKTOP page and important dates to remember. Packaged with clearCALENDARS BLOOM WHEREplastic cover. Size: 9cm x 16.5cm. Desktop calendars with fullYOU ARE PLANTEDWORDs Price: $3.99 each colour artwork featuring year- Desktop Calendar# 700248 at-a-glance on the first page, followed by 12 monthly pages, each featuring Scripture verse.THEN SINGS MY SOULTop spiral bound with easel.Desktop Calendar# 700249 Size: 15.5cm x 19cm.WORDs Price: $15.99 each2020 SMALL 24 MONTH DAILY PLANNERS24 month daily planner, September 2019August 2021, featuring a Scripture of the month with a notes section in the back. Convenient size makes it easy to take on trips, class or even a walk in the park. Size: 9.5cm x 15.2cm.WORDs Price: $4.99 eachWITH GOD ALLTHINGS ARE POSSIBLE GRACEScripture: Matthew 19:26Scripture: 2 Corinthians 12:19 Planner# 702544Planner# 702542 BE STILL AND KNOWFAITH HOPE LOVE FOOTPRINTS HE IS THE SAMETHATI AM GOD Planner# 700257Based on the popular poemScripture: Hebrews 13:8Scripture: Psalm 46:10 Footprints in the Sand Planner# 700262 Planner# 700263 Planner# 700261BLESS THE LORDO MY SOULPlanner# 702545PRAY WITHOUTCEASINGScripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18Planner# 702541HIS MERCIES AREON WINGS TODAY I CHOOSE JOY WITH GOD ALL LOVE BEARS ALL THINGS NEW EVERY MORNING LIKE EAGLES Planner# 700260THINGS ARE Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:7Scripture: Scripture: Isaiah 40:31 POSSIBLETHE GUIDING LIGHT Lamentations 3:22-23 Planner# 700258Scripture: Matthew 19:24Scripture: John 8:12 Planner# 702543 Planner# 700259Planner# 700256Planner# 702539 24 Hour Despatch on all web order in stock in our warehouse.You can place your order Follow your order online by signing in to your account and navigating to my account and then clicking orders! Online @Phone 03 9894 4900Email orders@word.com.au 27'