b'YOUR BATTLES BELONG YOU ARE BELOVEDTO THE LORD Living In The Freedom Of Joyce Meyer Gods Grace, Mercy and LovePut on the armour of God, conquerBobby Schulleryour problems, and know your realYou are not what others say about enemy with renowned Bible teacheryou. You are Gods beloved. Are and bestselling author, Joyce Meyer.you ever concerned that you dont Joyce Meyer explains that whiledeserve to love and be loved some problems may result from abecause you are continually having persons choices or circumstances,to prove yourself?In You Are others are rooted in the spiritualBeloved, Bobby Schuller shows you realm. Once you recognize the devilhow to let go of these fears and Due 16th September as your true enemy and the sourceput your trust in the One who sees SAVE you for who you really are.Here is of many of your struggles, you can overcome them and live a life of50% an easy to follow, proven path to20%peace, freedom, faith and victory. personal dignity for all those whoOFF!Hardcover# 702265 think they are not good enough no WORDs Price: $34.99 matter how much they achieve.Hardcover# 695442 THE BOOK OF SIGNS7 MYTHS ABOUT SINGLENESS WORDs Price: $29.99 31 Undeniable Prophecies Of The Sam Allberry less 50% = $14.99 Apologise Of The ApocalypseThis book responds to 7 commonDavid Jeremiahmisconceptions about singleness,HEAVENLY REWARDS Drawing from decades of experience as one of the helping everyonemarried andLiving With Eternity In Sight worlds most-respected Bible teachers, Dr. Jeremiah unmarried alikevalue the uniqueMark Hitchcock has updated content from previously published works opportunities that singleness affordsAre You Living in Light of Eternity? Judgementin additional to writing new material on a wide to contribute to the flourishing of theday will come. Do you know what to expect?variety of subjects. The result is a truly epic and church as a whole. In Heavenly Rewards you will uncoverauthoritative guide to biblical prophecy.Paperback# 700177fascinating truths about how the life you livePaperback# 699377 WORDs Price: $20.99 today determines your life in eternity. LivingWORDs Price: $24.99 less 20% = $19.99well with an eternal perspective really can JUST ENOUGH LIGHT change your lifefor good.FOR THE STEP IM ON Paperback# 699392Trusting God In The Tough Times WORDs Price: $18.99Stormie OmartianDiscover how when you walk in HisTHE HORSE OF MY DREAMS True light you can: Overcome fear andStories Of The Horses We Lovedoubt in difficult situations, Learn toCallie Smith Grantsee things from Gods perspective andFor over a decade, Callie Smith Grant has trust that God will give you everythingbeen helping people celebrate our animal you need the moment you need it. Thisfriends with her delightful collections inspirational book also includes anof stories that demonstrate beautiful interactive questions guide.Whetherrelationships between horses and humans. as a gift or a personal keepsake,This heartwarming collection is the perfect this book will be a valuable part of away for animal lovers to decompress and devotional prayer time with the Oneremember Gods gift to us in the majestic, who guides and leads. calming, inspiring, and even silly horses Paperback# 699511he created.WORDs Price: $21.99 Paperback# 700916 WORDs Price: $19.99DAILY INSPIRATION FORDAVID JEREMIAH MORNING WOMEN FROM SATAN THE ANTICHRIST AND EVENING DEVOTIONSHELEN STEINER RICE Understanding The EnemysDavid JeremiahHelen Steiner Rice Strategy And Devices Trusted Bible teacher David Jeremiah guides This lovely devotional features theHerbert Lockyer you on a simple yet powerful journey through refreshing poetry of Helen Steiner Rice,In this book best-selling Bible teacherScripture as you spend devotional time with the whose words have inspired womenHerbert Lockyer traces the diabolicalSaviour twice a day. Drink deeply of Gods Word for decades. With a unique blend ofplan of Satan through both the Old andso that you, too, thrive in your spiritual walk.inspirational verse, related Scriptures,New Testaments, and forward throughHardcover# 686844and brief devotional thoughts andthe ages, including the church period andWORDs Price: $29.99prayers, readers will find their soulduring and after the tribulation. uplifted every day of the year. Paperback# 702588Paperback# 700230 WORDs Price: $13.99WORDs Price: $12.9924 Hour Despatch on all web order in stock in our warehouse.You can place your order Follow your order online by signing in to your account and navigating to my account and then clicking orders! Online @Phone 03 9894 4900Email orders@word.com.au 3'