b'JESUS IN JERUSALEMDVD SUPERSAVERS SAVE UP TO 40%Jerusalem: The most important ON INSPIRING DOCUMENTARIES spiritual place on earth.Each year, thousands of pilgrims from around the world travel to Jerusalem to 7 SIGNS OF CHRISTSconnect themselves to its holiness. RETURN 2 DVD SET JOURNEY TOWARDIn this DVD we discover its sacred CREATION places and the incredible faith that is Scriptures foretell seven momentousExplore the astronomical evidenceso intertwined in the history of this world events that will herald thefor a universe that is meticulouslyholy city.second coming of Jesus Christ.fine-tuned for the benefit of humanDVD# 695105One has already occurred: thelife. Dr. Hugh Ross, astronomer and25% WORDs Price: $19.99 establishment of the State of Israelauthor, whisks viewers through theOFF! less 25% = $14.99and its continuing claim on Palestine.solar system, past stars, galaxies DVD# 685360 and quasars-all the way back to the WORDs Price: $24.99moment when light first sprang fromTHE GATES OF JERUSALEM25% less 25% = $19.99 darkness to the beginning of time. Worn smooth by time and bullet-OFF! DVD# 563341 scarred by the ravages of war, the ISRAEL MY HOME25% WORDs Price: $19.99Gates of Jerusalem have witnessed The Birthplace of Eternity OFF! less 25% = $14.99 epic events. This DVD tells the This captivating film is a new look atstories of the events and people Israel and its rapid population growthTHE 12 APOSTLES AFTERwho have passed through those to over 7,000,000 people-atypical forJESUS gates, and explores the historic and a developed country. With its medianTheir challenges and successes werespiritual significance of each gate to age of 28, the immigration of Jewschronicled in the Bibles Acts of thethe ancient city. is from around the world. ScriptureApostles. This book was used, verseDVD# 535869 tells us God chose Israel so that oneby verse (NIV text), to make this fully40% WORDs Price: $24.99 day it would be a blessing to thedramatized film. Journey alongsideOFF! less 40% = $14.99entire world.Luke as he documents the joys, 40% DVD# 633487hardships, and miracles of the early OFF! WORDs Price: $24.99Christian church.THE LIFE OF JESUS, less 40% = $14.99 DVD# 694800 ACCORDING TO MATTHEW40% WORDs Price: $24.99Presented and narrated by award JERUSALEM The Lost TempleOFF! less 40% = $14.99 winning actor, Richard Kiley, we are Of The Jews taken through Matthews chapters In honour of God, Solomon built theTHE APOSTLE PAUL of the New Testament life of Jesus first temple in Jerusalem without theApart from Jesus, no person shapedthat brings the bible verses to rich sound of a hammer or any tool at thethe history of Christianity like theand meaningful life. His writings building site. However, this first templeApostle Paul. His personal encounterreveal the Son of God - His power was eventually destroyed by thewith Jesus Christ changed his life.to perform miracles and change Babylonians; a second temple built byFrom persecutor to preacher forpeoples minds and hearts through King Herod was also dismantled, thisChrist. Ben Kingsley narrates the25% His parables and teachings.time by the Romans in A.D.70. Yet, thestory of Paul who preached for ChristOFF! DVD# 695106 Bible predicts that another temple willthroughout the Roman Empire onWORDs Price: $19.99 be built in Jerusalem before the finalthree missionary journeys. less 25% = $14.9940% return of Jesus Christ.DVD# 535865OFF! DVD# 63692025% WORDs Price: $19.99 WORDs Price: $24.99OFF! less 25% = $14.99 THE STORY OF J.R.R. TOLKIEN less 40% = $14.99 THE END TIMES MASTER OF THE RINGSThe Hobbit and The Lord Of The THE EXODUS REVEALED Jesus Christ spoke of signs that willRings are the crowning literary Follow the footsteps of the childrenannounce the most catastrophicachievements of J.R.R TOLKIEN.of Israel on an unforgettable journeyperiod in our planets history: theThis exciting look at the genius of discovery. This journey revealsseven years called the Tribulation!of Tolkien shines a light on all the fascinating physical evidence for theUsing computer animation, fineheroes and villains of the The Lord Exodus, including: the remains ofart, dramatizations, and an originalof the Rings and how Tolkiens life 3,800-year-old Hebrew settlements inmusic score, The End Times is aexperiences helped shape the story Egypts Nile Delta; Egyptian records ofcompelling presentation of the majorand characters that have become the Israelites bondage under Pharaoh;events that will immediately precedegiants in fantasy fiction.and the location of Mt. Sinai.and unfold during the Tribulation. 25% DVD# 692812 DVD# 535864DVD# 535855 OFF! WORDs Price: $19.9935% WORDs Price: $19.9935% WORDs Price: $19.99less 25% = $14.99OFF! less 35% = $12.99 OFF! less 35% = $12.9934 .providing the best in Christian resources for over 70 years Web Orders'