b'ANSWERS IN GENESIS SALEONLY $14.99 LESS 20% = $11.99 EACH640962: The Foundations Series Pack is excluded from this offer7 CS OF HISTORYThis DVD presents an easy-to- GENESIS 1:1understand overview of the BibleDiscover what drives Ken to highlighting the 7 Cs of history.continue delivering strongSAVEBy explaining relevant milestones throughout the Bible, apologist Bodiemessages about biblical authority30%in todays scoffing world. While Hodge teaches viewers how theuncovering the deep meaning of entire Bible points to Christ. each primary word in Genesis DVD# 6512271:1, Ham offers an expanded WORDs Price: $11.99 paraphrase that sheds great lightTHE FOUNDATIONS SERIES 6 DVD Seton the rich meaning of the BiblesBiblical Answers To Todays Most Important Issuesvery first verse.Ken HamDVD# 651229In this hard-hitting yet often humorous new DVD series, WORDs Price: $11.99 popular Australian-born author Ken Ham uses modern GLOBAL WARMING: Aevents as the backdrop for the most important messages of SCIENTIFIC AND BIBLICALA JURASSIC ARK MYSTERY his life. By combining his signature talks with cutting edge EXPOSE OF CLIMATE CHANGE Creation Adventure Team new graphics and current events headlines, Ham connects Cynthia Kadohata Real-life dinosaur researcher/ with viewers as never before!Countering the rampantrecording artist Buddy Davis, andDVD# 640962 misinformation propagated byWORDs Price: $99.99 less 30% = $69.99ecological alarmists, interviewsthe rest of the Creation Adventure with leading Christian scientists,Team, explore a dinosaur museum climatologists, and others revealand discover incredible answers toSCIENCE CONFIRMS THE the dangerous politics of the globalthe amazing mystery of the giantBIBLEwarming movement.lizards.Ken HamDVD# 585708 DVD# 645239In this fast-paced DVD, Ken Ham WORDs Price: $11.99 WORDs Price: $11.99 tackles the biggest creation /evolution questions that hes constantly asked by teens. Over a SIX SHORT DAYS, ONE BIGdozen hot topics are answered CREATED COSMOS ADVENTURE with humour and intensity. The This fast-moving DVD probes theCreation Adventure Team Bible is true. Science confirms it, reaches of space, revealing theKids (and adults!) love this humourand with the help of this DVD, awesome power of our Creator.filled, information packed DVD.you and your teens will be better Created Cosmos will take youWatch as Buddy Davis and the highequipped to defend it!thousands of light-years betweenenergy Creation Adventure TeamDVD# 633890billions of planets, stars, nebulae andreveal the wonders of the six daysWORDs Price: $11.99galaxies to discover the magnitude ofof creationwith the help of Proto our universe and its Creator. the animatronic robot, and Ivan DVD# 585693Ideas hilarious Bubble Gum Cam.ALREADY GONEWORDs Price: $11.99 DVD# 645240 Ken HamWORDs Price: $11.99 In this important video, Ken Ham discusses the profound cultural changes taking place in our DINOSAURS & DRAGONSKIDS MOST-ASKEDwestern world, as Gods Word LEGENDS QUESTIONS ABOUTis rejected and mans fallible Man really did walk with dinosaurs!SCIENCE AND THE BIBLE ideas are welcomed. Ken relates Both were created on Day 6 ofGod designed humans to be curioussome of the shocking statistics Creation Week. Explore the biblicalabout the world and universepresented in the book Already record, the fossil record, and dragonaround them. This is especiallyGone that reveal the reasons why stories from around the world in thisobvious in children. In this video,young people are leaving church collection of videos from the CreationDr. Georgia Purdom reveals simple,and abandoning the faith of their Museum.Bible-based answers that parentsparents.DVD# 568550 can use with children of all ages! DVD# 648071WORDs Price: $11.99 DVD# 640958 WORDs Price: $11.99WORDs Price: $11.9924 Hour Despatch on all web order in stock in our warehouse.You can place your order Follow your order online by signing in to your account and navigating to my account and then clicking orders! Online @Phone 03 9894 4900Email orders@word.com.au 37'