b'CHANGES THAT HEAL TheSEEK FIRST How The Kingdom Four Shifts That MakeOf God Changes EverythingEverything Better Jeremy R. TreatDr Henry Cloud In an age of distraction, everyone is In this book, Dr. Cloud takes thelooking for something that gives purpose reader step-by-step through the fourand perspective on life. Jesus says its basic tasks of becoming maturethe kingdom of God. But the kingdom is image bearers of God. Dr. Cloudnot just another religious idea. Seek First not only explains and describesbrings theology to the streets, giving each task, he also identifies thea vision for the kingdom that will truly problems that result when we fail tochange your life.accomplish that task, and he showsPaperback# 700410 50% us what changes to make in our lives20% WORDs Price: $22.99OFF! in order to bring about healing. OFF! less 20% = $18.39Paperback# 406007 WORDs Price: $21.99 GODS CREATIVE POWER less 50% = $10.99 3-IN-1 GIFT COLLECTION HEAVENLY HELPCharles CappsExperiencing The Holy SpiritThis gift collection combines all three In Every Day Life of Charles Capps powerful teaching35%Sarah Bowling books into one volume; Gods CreativeOFF!Sarah Bowling, the daughter ofPower Will Work for You, Gods healing minister Marilyn Hickey,Creative Power for Healing, and Gods learned about the Holy Spirit early inCreative Power for Finances. DiscoverTHE PRODIGAL PROPHETlife, but remained skeptical for years.and develop an understanding of howJonah And The Mystery Of Gods MercyNow she shares her journey to findtheir words combined with GodsTimothy Kelleranswers. Sarah reveals his essential33% Word will positively affect your future. Bestselling author Timothy Keller uncovers the moving, qualities, offering life-changingOFF! Boxed Set# 535917provocative, and urgent message within the book of Jonah insight that will help you embraceWORDs Price: $29.99 and at the heart of the Christian faith. In a time of growing the guidance of the Helper. less 33% = $19.99 division, The Prodigal Prophet shows us Gods love among 20% Paperback# 680404 people, and how Christians must listen to Gods call even OFF! WORDs Price: $7.99 ANGELS Knowing Theirwhen it takes them to uncomfortable places.less 20% = $6.39 Purpose, Releasing TheirHardcover# 697459UNFINISHED Power WORDs Price: $19.99 less 35% = $12.99Believing Is Only The Beginning Charles & Annette CappsRichard Stearns The ministry of angels is part of the This book is an invitation to discoversalvation that God has given to you andTHE SECRET LIFE OF ANGELS the life that God created you to live.a valid ministry in the earth today. TheWho They Are And How They Its not about failure and guilt but morebook of Hebrews shared that angelsHelp Usabout opportunities and joy, becauseare ministering spirits sent forth in theRon RhodesGod doesnt coerce us - he invites us.earth to minister to heirs of salvation.With this fascinating and He offers meaning, fulfillment, andSomehow we have allowed theinspirational guide, youll journey significance in our lives but alwaysknowledge of the ministry of angels tothrough Gods Word and discover gives us the option to decline, andslip from us. God designed angels towho angels are, what they are like, sadly, many do. 50% respond to Gods Word. and how they are involved in your life Paperback# 636861 OFF! Paperback# 368507today. Angels are active all around SAVE WORDs Price: $21.99 WORDs Price: $19.99 youof that you can be certain. 77% less 77% - $4.99 less 50% = $9.99 As you learn the truth about their 20% secretive role in the world, youll be UNLEASHED Release The UntamedUNSTOPPABLE Running TheOFF! encouraged to see the ways angels Faith Within Race You Were Born To Win are indeed available to help us.Erwin Raphael McManus Christine Caine Paperback# 648133Prepare to explore untamed territory as youThe church needs champion runnersWORDs Price: $7.99leave civilized religion behind! Urgingwho never give up, who persevere noless 20% = $6.39you to stop conforming to the status quo,matter what they encounter, who run to this revised edition of McManuss Thewin, unstoppable, no matter the cost. If Barbarian Way calls you to step out of yourwe pass the baton of faith fluidly in the comfort zone; walk trails of hope, love, andexchange zone from person to person, faith; and put your life on the line for thefrom generation to generation, we speed deliverance of others. unstoppable toward the finish line.66% Paperback# 588356Paperback# 653547OFF! WORDs Price: $14.99 20% WORDs Price: $7.99less 66% = $5.09 OFF! less 20% = $6.3924 Hour Despatch on all web order in stock in our warehouse.You can place your order Follow your order online by signing in to your account and navigating to my account and then clicking orders! Online @Phone 03 9894 4900Email orders@word.com.au 5'