Audio Samples now offers you the ability to listen to samples of the music you’re looking for. Samples are available for most of our prominent new release CD’s, along with a selection of our best-selling back catalogue items.
All music items which have audio samples available are indicated by either a ‘Listen to Audio Samples on-line’ feature on the product, or a small musical note next to the title of the track.
To hear the sample audio clips, just click on the product, scroll down to the ‘Audio Samples’ section of the page, and click on each of the tracks to hear a 1 minute sample.

What you will need to hear Windows Media Audio Samples

Windows Media Player is needed to listen to the samples we have online. This software is obtainable from Microsoft’s Windows Media website ( Windows Media Player will work on most Windows based PCs, and comes already installed with most of Microsoft’s latest operating systems.

Can't Get It Working?

If you have any trouble listening to sound samples on our website, it may be for the following reasons:

  • The network is too busy. There may be congestion between our server and your computer which will prevent audio samples from playing properly on your computer. The easiest solution is just to try again at a later time.
  • Windows Media Player is not installed properly. Make sure you have the latest version of Windows Media Player installed on your computer, which can be downloaded from For further help with any problems you may encounter, please check the Windows Media help page.